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CATERINA JEWELRY Mary Desmond American Idol

CATERINA JEWELRY Mary Desmond American Idol

Mary Desmond celebrity spokes person for Caterina Jewelry


Road to Hollywood: Interview with YouTube Sensation Mary Desmond

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Caterina jewelry is proud to have Mary Desmond on board their team. She is a celebrity youtube sensation, fashion & beauty, music and entertainment, american idol contestant, yes she’s a busy girl.

With a passion for music, a bubbly personality, and dozens of original songs, recordings, and live performances to her credit, Mary Desmond is one of the most talented American Idol contestants we’ve ever seen. Her splendid performance awarded her a Golden Ticket to compete during the “Hollywood Week,” and marked an important moment in her young career. She has released over 50 videos on YouTube, starred as Hayden Clark in the movie drama Memphis Sun back in May 2015, and played with the band Fusion Beat, winners of the Orange County People’s Choice for the best youth band. At just 17, Mary has accomplished more than most teenage girls of her age.

We’ve interviewed YouTube sensation Mary Desmond below — find out how her career began, what wardrobe staples she has, and what projects she’ll be working on this year!

CJ: How did your singing career begin?

MD: My singing career started when I was three. I used to watch “The Little Mermaid” all the time, and “Part of Your World” was the first song I’ve ever sung to my whole family on Christmas. From then, I went into musical theater, appeared in a show at LEGOLAND, and started doing YouTube videos of my music.

CJ: How was your life as part of Fusion Beat?

MD: Fusion Beat was an 80s cover band I was in for five years. It was so much fun to be part of it because I got to rock out all the time. It was definitely a different style than my own artist music, but that’s what made it really cool.


Road to Hollywood: Interview with YouTube Sensation Mary Desmond Road to Hollywood: Interview with YouTube Sensation Mary Desmond

CJ: Are there any singers in the industry you look up to?

MD: I really look up to Taylor Swift. Not only does she have amazing music, she is a great role model. I love the way she writes her songs and the stories that she tells in them.


CJ: Describe your personal style in three words.

MD: Bold, fun, and girly.


CJ: Do you have any wardrobe staples?

MD: My wardrobe staples are accessories such as jewelry, shoes, and sometimes hats — I like what they add to my outfits!


CJ: If you were to wear just one piece of jewelry for the rest of your life, what would it be?

MD: If I was married, I guess it would be my wedding ring. But since I’m just 17 and single, I would say a necklace. I love the CJ Minimalista Jet Black Panache Rose Silver Necklace ($120.00) by Caterina Jewelry as it’s beautiful and somewhat simple. You can wear it with so many outfits!


Road to Hollywood: Interview with YouTube Sensation Mary Desmond


CJ: What was your impression of Caterina Jewelry?

MD: Honestly, when I first heard of Caterina Jewelry, I was very excited to see something so simply beautiful! Caterina Jewelry has so many wonderful choices. The jewelry looks lovely when paired with casual and formal attires!


CJ: Tell us which CJ pieces you wore during this month’s event.

MD: I wore both the CJ Minimalista Jet Black Panache Rose Silver Necklace ($120.00) and the CJ Minimalista Red Siam Confidence Silver Necklace ($120.00). I’ve also been wearing the Red Kiss Silver Bracelet ($45.00) and the Rose Kiss Jet Panache Bracelet ($45.00) a lot. I absolutely love all the CJ pieces I have. They’re stunning!

CJ: Name one thing you like to do when you’re not busy singing.

MD: I love going to Disneyland because I love Disney Princesses.


Road to Hollywood: Interview with YouTube Sensation Mary Desmond

CJ: Where will the next performance or project take you?

MD: I’m actually working on a big project which is a documentary that raises awareness of bullying. Throughout the documentary, I will interview people who have been bullied and how they got through the lowest of the lows. I’m trying to spread a message to people all around the world that it is their responsibility to say hello to someone who’s lonely and be nice to someone who’s said. The documentary is called “Someone 2 Save Me” and it will come out later this year. I’m also working on an EP that is being released this May!

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