eZWayBNewPeriscope is taking the mobile phones and touch pads by storm!

Periscope is said to be the most addictive live stream app. People can broadcast anytime anywhere about anything they want. Only wait! This functions like a social network as well? How does this work? Users can collect followers which increases their viewership per broadcast. The broadcasters audience can also choose to give hearts if they like the broadcast. Twitter bought this app for over $100,000,000 dollars.

ScopebombHere is a interesting scoper we found on #periscope

I’m Host of ScopeBombs on Periscope. We prank streamers with creative topics to get hilarious reactions. I invite my followers to a random persons stream and from there everyone starts commenting about the pre-chosen topic. We got a guy to believe there was a little ghost boy behind him to the point where he started sweating and took out a sage. We also got a kid to believe his dancing video went viral which made him do the Whip/Nae Nae Live on cam!

Would you like to see scope bombing in action? Click here

Scopebomb1Thank you, Camilo Capurro