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Senator Huff Purports More Effective State Spending

Senate Minority Leader Bob Huff (R-San Dimas) offered a more appropriate use of State allocated funds recently, thus becoming an impervious voice for fiscal reason.

Networking! Don’t be afraid to do it

Huff supports the Governor’s plan to add money to the Rainy Day Fund for future economic down swings, but is not in stride with the taxing of health care plans or increases for California’s decaying transportation infrastructure.


Pay as you go formula

His pay as you go formula would use existing funds to procure needed upgrades. It’s always wise to look at the bigger picture, something voters laud unanimously. Huff’s ideas are shared by other Republican Senators. If they listen they will clearly understand his reasoning.

He also authored SB 689 conveying preference points for the Proposition 41 bond recognizing that the $600 million dollar bond for housing California’s homeless veterans observe the mental health need of these veterans. Contracting mental health services makes sense.


Take things that matter

The recommendation of SB 689 aggrandizes the interconnection of federal and state services. With over 15,000 homeless veterans in our state we must realize that 55% need mental health services. The hurdle is creating awareness, and then getting the veteran’s to participate.

Problems such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety and substance abuse must be addressed to maximize opportunities for individuals who have suffered what most of us never will. Senator Huff is standing at the forefront of solutions that will aid tremendously.

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