By: Dante Obligacion

Celebrity poker supporting young children globally?

Actor Adrian Paul’s annual celebrity poker tournament at the Microsoft facility in Los Angeles is supporting children’s charities worldwide. 

The event brings out personalities from multiple fields of entertainment to play, have fun and support charities vital to the betterment of children.


EZ Way Broadcasting CEO Eric “EZ” Zuley resides on the advisory board of the Peace Fund Charity, which was founded by Adrian Paul 19 years ago and focuses on under-funded charities striving to create positive changes for kids submerged in unimaginably laborious situations.


What you will find particularly encouraging is the charities Statement of Values and Code of Ethics, which lay out informed targeted plans to ensure accountability in a most professional and concise manner. The vision is concrete and the Mission Statement copiously reflects it.


The words “Protect, Educate and Aid,” are the focus of the Peace Fund goals. Paul’s popularity as Duncan MacLeod in the Highlander series is what he’s best known for and he has also directed television and film projects. He undeniably cares and is willing to put his best foot forward.


Poker has become a global phenomenon and has taken the country by storm. It’s challenging, enlightening, educational and tugs at the very core of your competitive nature. It also raises money for kids. For 94% of all revenue from the event goes directly to its recipients.


For Paul’s efforts he was a recipient of the “Worldwide Charitable Alliances Peacemaker Award.” The fund’s initial program was “School Makes a Difference.” Peace Fund is a registered 501 (c) (3) not for profit charity. Go to to support this meritorious cause.